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For Entrepreneurs is a blog for startups and entrepreneurs, written by David Skok, a five time serial entrepreneur turned VC (now at Matrix Partners). It aims to address the key issues they will face in getting started, getting funded, and building a successful company. Although applicable to most startups, there is strong focus on SaaS businesses, and building a sales and marketing machine.

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Hi, my name is David Skok. I am a serial entrepreneur turned VC. I have a great passion for helping entrepreneurs and startups. I started my first company a few months after leaving university at the age of 21, and over the next 25 years, founded a total of four companies (Skok Systems, Corporate Software Europe, Watermark Software, and SilverStream Software) and did one turnaround (Xionics). I have had my share of ups and downs. I was lucky enough to have three of these companies go public, one was acquired, and one initially succeeded, but then failed when I moved the company to the US. I often remark that I learned more from that one failure than I have from all of my successes.

After 25 years as an entrepreneur, I became a venture capital partner at Matrix Partners, the firm that had backed my last two companies. I had worked with 15 different VC firms, and Matrix had clearly been my best partner, earning my strong loyalty with their support through some very tough times. It was fun to move to the “dark side” and be in a position to help other entrepreneurs. As a VC, I have had the very good fortune to invest alongside some spectacular management teams, including  JBoss, AppIQ, Tabblo, Netezza, Diligent, CloudSwitch, TribeHR and GrabCAD which have all had successful exits. I currently serve on the boards of HubSpot, Digium, CloudBees, Enservio, Namely, OpenSpan, Storiant, Salsify and Zaius.

I am very passionate about helping other entrepreneurs, having seen how important it is to get that help, encouragement, and support in the early days of creating my own ventures. If you are interested in learning more about what experiences have shaped my thinking, you may enjoy reading the following blog post: What drives great entrepreneurs.

If you would like to receive an email when new articles are published, please leave enter your email address in the form on the right hand side. To contact me, please email me at: dskok (at) matrixpartners.com. I would enjoy hearing from you.

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  • http://twitter.com/analyticsseo Analytics SEO

    We have a small revenue generating business and are just about to consider raising expansion capital. I’ve got to say that your blog is tremendous. When is your book coming out?

  • http://www.forentrepreneurs.com David Skok

    Thanks for the kind feedback! Sadly no time to write a book.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2GJSMTOENZAJ2374OF6JNAEHOA Nagarajan

    Hi David,

    Yesterday I attended your session at  OSBC 2011. It was definitely one of the most valuable talks I have attended.

    I very much impressed with your thoughts and way you seeing the feature growth in New technology area.


  • http://www.forentrepreneurs.com David Skok

    Naga, thanks for the kind comments. Glad you enjoyed the session.

  • http://twitter.com/chayz Damilola Jegede

    Hello David, very inspiring. Are you looking to expand your investments beyond the US?

  • http://www.forentrepreneurs.com David Skok

    We have offices in India and China, but I personally only invest in the US.

    Thanks, David

  • Rich

    David , My brother has an application that I believe the transporataion industry is thriving for. We have meet some major  companies in th petroleum industry that also like the idea for our software application. We meet a software company and they told us $200k min to build and we just can’t come up with that much money so looking for idea’s 

  • Maxwinston88

    Hi David, I had spoke with Anne about a week ago via gmail. I and my partner are essentially trying to establish communication with someone of your position at Matrix Partners. We would like to send a Presentation via gmail. 

    Thanks,Max Winston C.E.O. Chairman and Founder Cinergee Corporation

  • http://www.forentrepreneurs.com David Skok

    Hi Max, It is a pleasure to meet you virtually. Please feel free to send you presentation to me at this email address: dskok at matrixpartners.com
    Thanks, David

  • http://www.forentrepreneurs.com David Skok

    Hi Max, It is a pleasure to meet you virtually. Please feel free to send you presentation to me at this email address: dskok at matrixpartners.com
    Thanks, David

  • http://www.energiepraemisse.ch James Ferguson

    Why did I “like” this ? – Though much is intuitive, such as SaaS metrics, enough is not!
    David (benevolently) forces you pivot your startup http://angel.co/kwiq to seek what Mike Maples http://www.maplesinvestments.com/ calls a “thunder lizard”. Our smart-building SaaS deliverable stays the same as we have very early traction but these articles prompted us to find ways to “lighten the Touch” dramatically, just pre-launch. “Light touch – paper and stand clear” – it says on fireworks ! – Thanks for the heads up.

  • http://www.forentrepreneurs.com David Skok

    James – best of luck with the business. I hope the light-touch sales model works for you.

  • Yesuifen20

    you may enjoy reading the following blog post: What drives great entrepreneurs.

  • Naqsh

    When you are creating new to the world… You know this one you made will be at the top of his segment. But still you find that no one else on this planet is going to approve this.. while you do not need this but still rather boosting yourself they use to say.. its just wasting of time to look your project. they generally interested in the degree you have not the possibilities of your project you made… Its very much frustrating part of an entrepreneur…  

  • Yesuifen20

    I often remark that I learned more from that one failure than I have from all of my successes.

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  • http://www.mihranig.com Mihran Papazian

    Hey David, you mentioned having offices in China, is there a way to have an intro somehow? We are a Shenzhen based web startup looking for Series A. Thanks.

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    To make your business work, you’ve got to have the right amount of anything. Then it will. Nice page. Thanks.

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    Really like the site. Check out what I’ve got going on over at http://www.entrepreneur-stories.com

  • http://www.browsewire.net/ @krishandutt

    I am new here. Just trying to get a hang of things. Hopefully will understand and put more thoughtful comments for discussion soon :-)

  • http://www.forentrepreneurs.com David Skok

    Welcome – I hope you get some value from the site.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Grace-Galape/100003196879156 Grace Galape

    I admire serial entrepreneurs for their great talents and skills. And thank you so much for posting this one, it’s a great article to read. I came across a video that suggests a book that entrepreneurs should read. You might like to watch it and see for yourself. http://marieforleo.com/2011/04/1-book-planet-entrepreneurs-creators/

  • http://www.facebook.com/polkadotwallstickers Jesse Lopez

    My start up was not done like traditional companies because I didn’t build a website for my company, but I built a company around my website. I was doing some keyword research for some micro niche sites when I stumbled upon a keyword that was getting searched but had very little competition. I dug into the keyword a bit more and learned about the industry before making a move, but I bought the domain name (the keyword) right away. Today Polka Dot Wall Stickers generates several sales a day and has grown from just an idea. I really recommended this approach for new companies that are not sure if they will have a market for their product. Great post señor and hope to learn a lot from your blog as we grow. Thank you.

  • http://www.forentrepreneurs.com David Skok

    Great story Jesse. Thanks for sharing. I wish you the very best of luck with the business!

  • Rubia

    HI WE USE SALESFORCE.COM as small entreprenurs.I need some guidence how to increase won opportunities .Also automate quote sending process if possible against enquiry by email .Also how to activate web to lead generation as i have template based site .

  • http://www.gamerzpedia.com/ Mark

    I must say that I really love the cool design of your site, excellent work.

  • http://www.forentrepreneurs.com David Skok

    Thanks Mark!

  • http://twitter.com/GyanAtRxNetwork Gyan Patra

    Hi David:
    I discovered your website while looking for marketing solutions for my consumer healthcare startup. Very good advice on bootstraping the marketing effort. While reading thru the thoughtful articles and presentations I am trying to correlate with the market where everybody is concerned about privacy – specifically the market we are in.  Though many of your advice are still applicable to majority of the scenarios.

    Many thanks for sharing such insightful advice for the startups.

  • http://www.forentrepreneurs.com David Skok

    It’s my pleasure. I am glad you found it useful.

  • BobHatcher

     For quote engine, lots of people use Quosal (www.quosal.com).  Increasing win rates is a huge issue.  What is your win rate now and what would you like it to be?  Many people increase win rates by bidding less.  It sounds counter intuitive, but if you qualify better and only spend your time on the most qualified opportunities, you can significantly increase win rates.  A company I know decreased proposals made by 25% and increased revenue by 35%.

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  • http://wealthsavvy.wordpress.com/ Wealth Management

    Great site David! I love the layout. 

    Question: how would you help an young entreprenuer who has a passion but is afraid to act upon it?


  • http://www.forentrepreneurs.com David Skok

    Interesting question. One of the key defining characteristics of an entrepreneur is the ability to take a risk. So if they are not willing to take the risk, you might find they are not really cut out to be an entrepreneur. It is a very tough job (except for a lucky few startups), and you need that risk taking ability to handle the tough times. However if you think they have that and just need a push, what I would do is expose them to as many other entrepreneurs that have taken the risk as possible, as I think that seeing others doing it will help them overcome their fear.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anatoli-Korkin/100000694502392 Anatoli Korkin

    David, great though and great mind! Thank you! I would appreciate if you join my new web portal IPTOOR (facebook for entrepreneurs) at its early development stage. Your participation and comments will be highly appreciated:


    Thank you!

    Anatoli Korkin

  • Sri Aditya Granite

    Many thanks for sharing such insightful advice for the startups.Entrepreneurs

  • http://goldirainvesting.com/ Frank Latimore

    Me too, it clearly helped me a lot.

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    I am in search of entrepreneurial stories for my blog http://hammadsiddiquiblog.com can you help me find few stories? connect with me http://twitter.com/hammads

  • Jeroen Sakkers

    Hi David,

    Thank you so much for providing me with a lot of inspiration for my MSc Thesis on “What Makes Your App Go Viral”. I’m combining the concepts of incentives, virality and network dynamics into a multi-layered model that I’ve tested through a real world experiment with >2,000 participants. If you’re interested, I could send you my findings and possibly even right a blog post…

    Let me know!

    Greetings from Amsterdam,


  • http://www.forentrepreneurs.com David Skok

    Hi Jeroen, I would be very interested. Please send to me when you are done. Best of luck with it!

  • Jeroen Sakkers

    Thanks, and I will!

  • Young Female Go Getter

    Hi David, I am loving your blog!
    My name is Carrie Eldridge, creator and CEO of Mode De Faire. (https://twitter.com/#!/ModeDeFaire)

    Through extensive review of your credentials, I felt the need to reach out to you. Excuse me if this seems presumptuous.

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    We are looking at  $12M profit return the first fiscal year, and $154M by the end of the seventh(worst case scenarios).
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  • http://twitter.com/JMGordonLaw TheBusinessProfessor

    Thank you for sharing such great and valuable content.  I am slowly growing towards the same purpose or mission on my site.

    JM Gordonhttp://TheBusinessProfessor.comwww.facebook.com/TheBusinessProfessorhttps://twitter.com/#!/JMGordonLaw

  • victormundi

    Hi David,

    I’m done! Where can I send it so you can read it?

    Greetings from Amsterdam,
    Jeroen Sakkers