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Josh Hannah is a San Francisco based General Partner at the early-stage VC Matrix Partners, who began his career as an entrepreneur with the unconventional idea of turning sports wagering into an efficient financial transaction by using an online exchange to execute bets. In 1999, he co-founded and revolutionized the gaming industry by building the world’s first online marketplace for sports betting. A longtime angel investor, Josh joined Matrix Partners as a general partner in early 2009 and turned a love of backing great founders into a career. Since joining Matrix, he has partnered with exceptional founding teams through investments across sectors including marketplaces, SaaS, gaming, commerce, and more.

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Traducido por Alberto Peralta. Hay muchas opiniones sobre cómo crear un discurso/presentación (pitch) para inversores potenciales pero todavía existe una gran diferencia entre lo que los fundadores de un nuevo negocio creen que es importante y lo que los inversores realmente valoran en una presentación sobre un...

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