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your SaaS Startup Journey

Building a Startup for the first time is HARD.

There are hundreds of problems to solve, and numerous demands on your time. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and there are so many ways you can fail. ForEntrepreneurs is designed to help. Written by David Skok, who has over 40 years of experience building successful startups (and some failures which have provided great lessons!), the blog covers topics that will help entrepreneurs and startup management teams. It has a primary focus on SaaS and recurring revenue startups where the nature of the business is quite different.

David Skok is a five time serial entrepreneur, turned venture capital investor at Matrix Partners. David started four companies, and did one turnaround before joining Matrix. David has also been an early stage investor and board member at companies like HubSpot that have grown to over $1Bn in revenues.  His focus is B2B software, including SaaS, Open Source and infrastructure software.

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Three years ago I spent a lot of time looking at SaaS business intelligence companies. I loved what I saw in the demos: easy data connections, slick looking graphs, powerful drill down tools and custom dashboards made the tools look like no-brainers. And then I began my diligence calls.
This article looks at why customers expect different interactions with you depending on where they are in the buying cycle. It also examines how specific events trigger them into a buying mode. It then explains how you can use this information to make your marketing more effective.