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Here is the slide deck that I presented last night at the Boston Lean Startup Circle.

The slide deck describes how to build a Sales & Marketing Machine that is predictable, scalable, automated, well instrumented, and cost efficient.

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  • Great slides, spot on!

  • Eric Schurr

    I’ve been involved in a number of software companies over many years, from startups to large enterprises, and I agree 100% with what’s in this deck. I truly believe this is the way marketing and sales are evolving — or HAVE evolved.

    David is right on point (as is usual).

  • Nick Labadie

    Great deck. We at are blurring the lines between inbound and outbound marketing…

  • Todd Hussey

    Hi Dave, my company,, is just about to launch a Cloud Business-Building Playbook to well over 1,000 Managed Services Providers in June via partnerships with some prominent MSP techology vendors. After being in the MSP business for 15+ years at MSP Technology vendors(starting when we called them ASPs), such as Concord Comms, Silverback Tech etc we’ve taken a “transform sales/marketing from an art to a science” approach including much of the sales 2.0 content you have here. We are getting rave reviews on our approach and content at such MSP tech vendors as Google. I’d love to get your feedback at some point. Best, Todd Hussey

  • Todd, sounds like a great approach. I wish you the best of luck with it.

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  • Nadia Leung

    I think this is a great slide. I wish I could get some help with the Hubspot references.

  • What kind of help are you looking for?

  • Nadia Leung

    I wouldn’t mind a quick 10 min skype session re: questions! nadia.l.leung at gmail dot com

  • Jibril Ibrahim

    Really illuminating!

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