• http://twitter.com/ITechPreneur Alfonso

    Great article, do you have that 65-question survey?

  • http://www.forentrepreneurs.com David Skok

    Saldy that document is not available publicly. Sorry!

  • Kelvin Macharia

    Hi David,
    Great article and in depth too. I would have liked to see the survey questions too. I loove using SolidWorks and is a great software. I aspire to be a VAR and recently have been listening to a motivational speaker called Jim Rohn in which he stresses on the value of having the right mindset/ philosophy on life, right attitude, right action/plan and measuring your progress which truly are impacting my life in a positive way.
    How does personal development affect the VAR’s business ? and Does SolidWorks aid in VAR personal development ? Thanks

  • http://www.forentrepreneurs.com David Skok

    If, by personal development, you means training in things that benefit the company such as sales training, management training, etc., then yes, these would have scored well in the HR part of SolidWork’s scoring for VARs.

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