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Time to Wow! and Buyer-centric Funnel Design




For students who attended Brian Halligan’s MIT Sloan School class where David Skok presented on Feb 13th 2020, the slides that David Skok used for that presentation are included below:

After you have reviewed the slides, if you are interested in seeing other material from David Skok on this blog, a great starting point is this post:


And if you are interested in documenting you own Buyer’s Journey and using my ideas for documenting Friction, Buyer’s Concerns, and Motivations at each step, you might find the following Google Sheets template helpful. On the first tab is a very generic buyer’s journey. On the second tab, you will see an illustration of how this changes for a real world situation, in this case a developer starts the buyer’s journey, but the actual purchase decision happens when the project that they are developing reaches the point where it is about to go into production, and the Ops or DevOps persona gets involved. So you see two buyer personae, and how they experience your sales and marketing process.

Buyer’s Journey Template in Google Sheets

To use these templates, I recommend that you start by documenting your current marketing and sales process steps that you expect a buyer to go through. Then step back and take the buyer’s point of view and document their process, and think about how they are going to react as they reach each of your steps.