• http://www.forentrepreneurs.com David Skok

    Sorry – I don’t know enough about it to answer your question.

  • Ankush Katiyar

    Sharing my personal experience, what I believe is ideas never fails, execution fails. People when get started are full of enthusiasm but with the passage of time they get low and at last they shut it down such some excuse.

    I have published a post on my blog. Link is here http://www.conhacks.com/2014/07/11-reasons-why-most-startup-fails-startup-problems.html

  • Sherry

    Is it possible to figure out if an idea will work before taking the money? I have bootstrapped the company http://www.carmelosystems.com to get a couple of customers deployed. But made some mistakes along the way and have not being able to get more deployed. An angel investor is interested in putting money, but I am now worried about let him down by losing the $1M he wants to invest. Have not tried your inbound marketing ideas. Could you give some advise? Am I facing the Market Problem?

  • http://www.forentrepreneurs.com David Skok

    Hi Sherry, the key to figuring this out lies in meeting with as many prospective customers as possible and figuring out if you have built something that they want to buy (i.e. do you have Product/Market Fit). You should watch out for the difference between real intention to buy, as evidenced by them talking about placing orders, versus polite positive feedback. I would also be looking for evidence that this is a repeatable sale with many customers fitting the same application usage profile. If you can demonstrate that to the investor by allowing them to talk to those customers, you should be able to get the investment and use the money to expand your sales and marketing.
    For more on Inbound Marketing, visit the HubSpot blog pages, as they are great at educating people on this topic. Best, David

  • http://www.carmelosystems.com Sherry

    The investor has talked to customers who rave about the product, I am the one who is anxious about why there has not been 3 more customers and where/how to find them. Your post and response made me walk away from the keyboard and think through a few things. Time well spent. Thank you.

  • sree

    wat u mean

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