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The following is an example of a Hiring Scorecard, which was put together as an example for a blog post on recruiting. It shows the scorecard that was used to hire a Matrix Partners Associate.


Lead proactive research, investigation, and analysis of specific sectors identified by the partnership.  Create a systematic approach to assessing these sectors and populating the top of the funnel in these areas.

Outcomes/Results Expected

Outcome Rating/
Supporting Data
1 Map the identified sectors: company, founder, funding, employees, location, etc.
2 Collect and analyze normalized information across mapped companies to allow for sorting and comparison
3 Conduct research on selected companies from the market map including: using industry tools, speaking with companies directly, reviewing PR, connecting with angel and seed investors
4 Weekly meetings with GPs on assigned sectors to review market map and next steps


Key Competencies

  Competency Rating/
Supporting Data
1 Exceptional Distillation. Can quickly summarize large amounts of information and knows the key points to highlight.
2 Analytical + Product Minded. Understands the numbers and key metrics, but also has a sense for the look and feel of the product.
3 Adaptable. Able to jump between sectors and quickly gain a baseline understanding of new sectors we want to explore.
4 Self Motivated. Works independently between meetings to drive projects forward with little oversight.
5 Intellectually Curious. Finds something of interest, independent of the sector being researched.
6 Clear Communicator. Both internally with GPs and externally with start-ups we’re researching.
7 Loves Technology. Natural affinity for technology and start-ups


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