How Startups Can Build a Recruiting Machine (Webinar)




The competition for hiring the best top talent in startups has never been higher. The best people are almost never on the market, so it’s imperative to develop recruiting processes to find and sell passive candidates. It may take months or years of relationship building with these candidates to find the right moment when they are open to considering a change, and closing them takes greater selling efforts than in the past due to the intense competition. Now more than ever it is crucial to build a recruiting machine.

Recently I partnered with Lever to conduct a webinar based on my blog article Recruiting: The 3rd Crucial Startup Skill discussing how startups can build a recruiting machine to ensure they find and hire the very best people. In the webinar we discussed:

  • How to source great talent
  • How to evaluate, sell and close the best candidates
  • How to avoid expensive hiring mistakes
  • When to hire your first recruiter
  • The help your VCs can offer with recruiting

How Startups Can Build a Recruiting Machine from David Skok

Watch the full webinar video here (requires short form fill):

How Startups Can Build a Recruiting Machine – The VC Perspective


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