SaaS Inside Sales: What you need to know




The Bridge Group have recently published a report titled:

Inside Sales for SaaS
Metrics and Compensation Report for B2B technology companies



The report is based on a survey of 197 B2B technology companies, and covers topics such as:

  • Ramp and Retention
  • Compensation and Quota
  • Activity and Infrastructure
  • Inside Sales Management
  • Management’s top challenges

They kindly offered to provide a link for readers of this blog. If you are interested in downloading a copy, please click here to access the report.

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  • Isabelle

    Thank you. Amazing report and a lot of links inside to get access to millions of resources about SaaS.

  • This report is very complete and informative. Always want to know as much as possible about Saas. Thanks!

  • John Ariza

    Thanks for the report David! Could you throw some light on SaaS sales promotions? We have a promotion in effect for new customers but have no way to verify whether or not the customer is actually new or if they are simply “renewing” as a new customer. Do you believe that there is a work around for this? Is this a flaw with the promotion or is this an inherent difficult with the SaaS model?

  • Hi John, it is hard to say without knowing more. I would be inclined to create a question to track whether they were a new or renewing customer as part of the promotion.

  • Cally Cal

    how do I see the article

  • jeb

    I subscribed how do i see this article??????

  • keith

    does anyone know how to get this posting

  • Hi Keith – there is a link under the word “here” in the text “Click here to get a copy of the report”. The link is to this address:

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