Building a Sales and Marketing Machine Webinar




Slides and video on “Building a Sales and Marketing Machine”, with a discussion on how to optimize your sales & marketing funnel. Presented as a HubSpot Webinar last week together with Mike Volpe, the VP of Marketing at HubSpot.

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  • Anonymous

    Hello David.
    It’s a great presentation, very usefull for entrepreneurs currently building sales process. The idea to simplify and remove all unnecessary steps makes a lot of senses.
    I’m not sure this will lead to more customers though, as you’ll get more pple simply interested in trying your product (like your competitors eg). But it makes sense to think that you’ll get more chances to surprise potential customers in a good way (hopefully) and *maybe* to convert them.

    I’ve not seen you developing the concept of “raw leads” before (maybe i missed a post, very probable) ; it’s a very interesting thing to categorize prospects in 2 : those who already have the problem (looking for queries like “crm solution for me”) and those who are not and need to be educated (looking for very different types of queries on gg).

    Well one thing I’d love to see is the blogs/books that most influenced you on the subject. Maybe a next post πŸ˜‰


  • Hi Thiebaut,

    Thanks for your comment.

  • Thx! I’m inspired… just need to find the right path to go for our small company.


  • These are so helpful, I feel like I almost have to give you some stock in my company for all of the good information! This stuff is the real deal. Thanks.

  • Dan, Thanks for your support. No stock needed – would just love to see your startup succeed. Best of luck!

  • Chris Windley

    Great Video David and very timely one for me. Thank you. Regards and Happy New Year.

  • Great presentation at HBS on this yesterday. I really enjoyed the manufacturing analogy to the sales and marketing funnel. “Why can’t you increase your sales by 5X next month. Response: ‘We cant because of ….’ Thats your bottle neck”. Very insightful way to look at it.

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  • Chris Von Wilpert

    Great presentation David! I’d love to see the video, but there is an error message causing it to not show up now. Is there a link to this video still floating around on the internet somewhere?

  • Unfortunately I can’t find the video any longer. Sorry!

  • Nausheen Punjani

    I heard your presentation on Jason Calacanis’ podcast and just had to do some research to find your slides! I think I listened to your presentation about 5 times and jotted all your advice in my journal. Thank you for a great and informative presentation. We will use your advice for our startup and hopefully, share our success soon πŸ™‚

  • Hi Nausheen, thanks for your kind comments. There is an updated set of slides that I used in the actual Growth Scale event to back up the talk you heard. They can be found here:

    I wish you the best of luck implementing these ideas.

  • Nausheen Punjani

    ah, there are the right slides. Thank you so much for sharing it!

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