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2020 SaaS Survey Results- COVID Edition!





For the eighth year in a row, we’re proud to work with KBCM Technology Group (formerly Pacific Crest Securities)

Thank you to the readers of forEntrepreneurs who participated in taking the survey! Thank you also to David Spitz (@dspitz) and the team at KBCM Technology Group for their work on the survey.

The full report can be downloaded  using this link: 2020 SaaS Survey.

In 2010, KeyBanc started the Pacific Crest SaaS Survey to provide business leaders and investors meaningful benchmarks to assess performance, manage operations, and make well-informed strategic and financial decisions. Since then, the (now) KBCM SaaS Survey has become the industry’s go-to benchmarking report.

In 2020, with the impact of COVID on everyone’s mind, gauging performance is more important than ever. We’ve redesigned this year’s survey to help determine how things are changing. What does outperformance look like in this environment? Who is prospering and who is struggling? How are companies reacting?

This initial report reviews data from over 500 private SaaS company respondents. Our focus is on baseline performance for 2019 and 2020 year-to-date, through May 31st, with responses collected from mid-June through early July.

Importantly, we recognize that we may still be in the early stages of the market disruptions caused by COVID. So this year, rather than a one-time check-in, we intend to reach back out to companies as things progress, and have established unique secret code names to allow continuity without sacrificing confidentiality and anonymity.

The images below might be hard to read in places, so we recommend downloading the report.


Last Year Vs. This Year- Different Worlds!

What is Impacting Performance?

Which Companies are most Impacted?

What’s Happening in the Field and What’s Been the Response? 

Other Highlights