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Today’s application developers are faced with a broad set of architectural decisions that can make or break their company going forward. This presentation, which was given as a keynote for the MassTLC application development conference, highlights the major changes that are taking place in the world of application development.

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  • Robert La Ferla

    Indeed, one of the key aspects of an architect’s job is in technology selection.  Today, there is a more wide and varied technology landscape than there has ever been.  It takes a significant upfront investment in time to assess this landscape and determine the best technology/team/business fit.  It is an exciting time brimming with all sorts of opportunities and challenges.  Thank you David for putting this together.

  • Knowing that turnover in IT is 18 months -or even less at a time of brand new technologies- I wonder how serious and durable can be the choice of an architecture. We are probably only talking about a subset of projects undertaken by rather big companies that anyway will probably become obsolete for 90% of them within 3 years.

    While interesting conceptually, aren’t we making risky guesses that look very good on paper but still void of content for lack of stabilization?

    The only redeeming aspect could be a giant locking up of the ecosystem and norms by which the game has to be played -Apple anyone?

  • Also: PaaS/agile lets small companies (or departments) punch above their weight. Case in point: I’ve just worked with to architect and deliver a version of their enterprise healthcare communication platform to mobile devices in… two months. In a team of six. 

  • Great case study. Thanks for adding!

  • Tyler Moore

    Great post, David. It’s pretty amazing to me how much more agile SaaS is compared to traditional solutions. I’ve been working with since October, and I don’t know how much longer traditional software will be able to compete, especially as cloud computing really comes into the mainstream.

  • Jan

    Great presentation! I think in a lot of technological areas we are in an intermediate state at the moment and there is a lot of change going which is very exiting. For example in these areas:

    – classical HTML / Flash vs HTML 5
    – thin web sites vs. JavaScript heavy web sites
    – SQL vs. NoSQL
    – on premise hosting vs. SAAS
    – smartphone apps vs. HTML5 “apps”

    Those topics are still on the move and it is not completly obvious vor all of them where the journey is going.

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