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Five Ways to Nail your Pitch and Win Over Investors

There are many opinions on creating a pitch deck and presenting to potential investors, but there is still a big gap between what entrepreneurs perceive to be important and what investors really value during a pitch presentation.

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forEntrepreneurs 2015 SaaS Survey Infographic

We’re excited to share the forEntrepreneurs SaaS Survey Infographic, which highlights major parts of this year’s SaaS Survey results. With all the data in the survey to help SaaS companies benchmark their growth, we thought it would be useful to …

A Strong Team Starts at Onboarding

An Interview with Andrew Quinn of HubSpot

Having a high performing team means:

  • Hiring the right people
  • Creating a structure and culture for them to do great work
  • Equipping them with the knowledge and skills to work effectively

These first …

Consumerization of the Enterprise – Phase 2

Consumer VCs like to make light of the Founders Fund mantra ‘We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.’ For those of us working in the enterprise, it’s actually the reverse, “They promised us 140 characters, instead we got …

When Selling is the Worst Way to Win Customers

Customers hate being sold to.

Customers hate being sold to. They don’t mind getting expert help when they want to buy something. But much of the time they are not ready to buy, and one of the most irritating things …

The Science behind Viral Marketing

The Science behind Viral Marketing is a look at the key factors that drive growth in viral marketing. (Hint, the most important factor is not the one everyone expects.) It also looks at what is needed to get virality to …