The Science behind Viral Marketing




The Science behind Viral Marketing is a look at the key factors that drive growth in viral marketing. (Hint, the most important factor is not the one everyone expects.) It also looks at what is needed to get virality to work, and how to create and optimize viral marketing campaigns or viral products.

This was a slide deck presented at the Inbound Marketing Summit, Boston, Sept 2011.

Suitable for marketers or for product designers.

Further Resources

Check out Andrew Chen’s blog, as he has written extensively on the subject of Viral Growth. For example, here is one great example: What’s your viral loop? Understanding the engine of adoption.

Uzi Shmilovici has a nice list here of the Eight Ways To Go Viral.

Kevin Lawler very kindly created a post explaining how to derive the formula for viral growth used in this post: Virality Formula.

Acknowledgements and Thanks

My thanks to Antonio Rodriguez, the founder of Tabblo, who got me started on thinking about this topic several years ago. Also to Andrew Chen, whose writings on this topic are excellent. And to my partner Stan Reiss, who took my simple logic and turned it into an elegant mathematical formula.

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