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We’re excited to share the forEntrepreneurs SaaS Survey Infographic, which highlights major parts of this year’s SaaS Survey results. With all the data in the survey to help SaaS companies benchmark their growth, we thought it would be useful to show the major insights in a more graphical form.

For the full results and analysis, see parts 1 and 2 of the SaaS Survey Results here:

Part 1 focuses on growth rates and go-to-market trends.

Part 2 compares application delivery methods, operational costs and gross margins, contract terms, churn rates, capital requirements and accounting methods.

Download the forEntrepreneurs SaaS by the Numbers infographic in PDF format here.

Share now! Tweet the forEntrepreneurs SaaS by the Numbers Infographic

Download the forEntrepreneurs SaaS by the Numbers infographic in PDF format here. Share now! Tweet the forEntrepreneurs SaaS by the Numbers Infographic

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  • Sebastian

    Hi David, thanks for the report and the infographic it is very informative. One question: How come that less then 50% are spending less then 1$ per 1$ annual contract value in your chart and on the other hand 61 % have 12 or less months to recover the initial spend CAC ?

  • Mark Krickovich

    Sebastian, is this metric a spend to acquire $1 dollar of new ACV – which I would view more as a ratio, while the payback relates to the ‘total’ marketing/sales spend recovery in dollars of gross profit (not revenue)?

  • Hello David! Appreciating the commitment you put into this report and detailed information you present. Thanks for the lovely Infographic.

  • Hi Lily – thanks for taking the time to let us know. We appreciate the feedback!

  • Amazing Info-graphic.
    You have nailed the concept of CAC in an outstanding visual manner.

  • Bart Hacking

    Hi David. Thanks again for helping bringing these insights and market data to light. I was wonder if you ever considered making available (in an anonymized fashion of course) the survey results data. The bar charts are helpful in summarizing the distribution of results, but for our own internal benchmarking purposes I’d love to see our results in a scatter plot against the other results. Also would be interesting to see data in a bit more granular view for those who wanted to. Perhaps it could be a survey-data participation acquisition tactic . . . “enter you data to see how you stack up” as a means for capturing more data. Just a thought; the analysis is incredibly valuable as presented, so thanks again.

  • Hi Bart, we’d love to help, but the problem with doing this is that we believe that a clever person would be able to identify specific company data. Sorry!

  • Bart Hacking

    Understood. Makes sense. Thanks for the quick response.

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