The SaaS Founder’s Journey – What Matters At Each Stage




As anyone involved with startups will tell you, focus is key to success. But, it can be very hard when there is a huge overload of topics clamoring for a startup CEO’s attention. In order to achieve the necessary focus and understand what you need to accomplish to ensure success/survival, you need to truly understand the SaaS founder’s journey and what matters at each stage. There are several key points to hone in on:

  • Recognize and understand where you are in the lifecycle of your startup
  • Know at what point you will run out of cash
  • Understand the milestones you need to reach for a successful fundraise before you run out of cash
  • Choose the right actions for the stage you are in

In my talk at SaaStock 2017 in Dublin, I dive into each of these key points and look at how to approach the process of searching for a repeatable, scalable, and profitable growth model.


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 You can watch the video of my talk here:


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