A High Growth SaaS Playbook – 12 Metrics to Drive Success




I recently gave a talk at the SaaStock NYC conference. I had two goals I wanted to accomplish, present a simple model to understand SaaS business and to show a simple model of a SaaS business and to show the key levers a CEO can pull to achieve the greatest impact on their business.

To get an idea for what I talk about at the conference, you can take a look through the accompanying slide deck presentation here:

If you are interested in seeing me present on the topic of SaaS Metrics in video form, I recommend the following two short videos:

  1. Part 1 – The SaaS Business Model & Metrics
    • The three components of Bookings in SaaS
    • Funnel Metrics to drive Bookings
    • Salesforce Metrics
    • Aligning Sales and Marketing using MQLs
    • Understanding Churn and how to get Negative Churn
  2. Part 2 – Unit Economics
    • CAC & LTV
    • The SaaS Cash Flow Trough
    • The importance of Gross Margins
    • Using Unit Economics to understand your Customer Segments
    • Salesperson Unit Economics
    • Collecting Cash upfront
    • Summary of the Key Levers to drive a SaaS business
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