Building a Repeatable, Scalable & Profitable Growth Process




I gave a talk this year at the 2017 SaaS North conference in Ottawa, where I discuss the fundamentals of building a repeatable, scalable, & profitable growth process for a startup.

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  • Marcus Steinberg

    Really great summary of the most important steps. thx!

  • Tyler Eyamie

    David – great presentation (I have seen it a few times and it is so relevant.) How do you account for “usage” in SaaS “Bookings?”

    What I mean by this is say for example a new logo is acquired in a month. That logo represents $10k in contracted “platform” ARR. Once that logo starts using your platform (could be 30 days or more after signing) they pay some sort of variable “usage” fee every month which generally evens out after 3-4 months but remains steady the entire time the logo is a customer.

    Would that just fall in the “expansion” portion of “bookings?” Thanks

  • Hi Tyler, Good question. I don’t have a hard formulaic answer for this, but what you have suggested feels like the best way to do it.
    Best, David

  • Tyler Eyamie

    Thanks David. One more question.
    Where do you account for “contraction” MRR? i.e a customer gets a discount on their platform fee from $199 to $150 per month. The $49, do you put it in the “churn” bucket?
    For that usage piece changes sometimes monthly for the better but sometimes for the worse month over month. Tks Tyler

  • Yes – I think Churn is fine. Alternatively you could create a Contraction bucket and track it there, just adding it to Churn when computing LTV. But that seems unnecessarily complex.
    Best, David

  • Tyler Eyamie

    Thank you – please add us to the list when thinking about your day long sessions. Regards

  • Sejal Kumar

    Wow! This is a great presentation on creating processes which are viable and long term. It is a great summary.
    I fell staying abreast with industry news and updates is necessary and will complementary for deciding the right factors.

  • Ben Bowen

    Hi David; I like the idea of “mini-wows”. I think that more businesses – start ups and established – need to have them throughout their sales cycles and marketing. Because mini wows not only excite the potential customer but they require innovation to help the entrepreneur becoming – what I call – “Comfortably Profitable”.

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