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WebSummit Presentations




I presented on two topics at WebSummit 2018 in Lisbon on November 6th. The slides and videos of those two presentations can be found below. The videos are provided courtesy of WebSummit. 

Special bonus: for those interested in the fun side of life, I have added a video that I put together walking around the streets of Lisbon. You will find it at the end. What a fabulous city! 

9 Secrets for Startup Success, A roadmap for B2B Founders

Lean Startup taught the world how to find product/market fit, but in the B2B world that isn’t enough. B2B founders must then find a way to build repeatable, scalable and profitable growth before they are ready to step on the accelerator and grow at high speed. In this talk, five-time serial entrepreneur and author of the ForEntrepreneurs blog, David Skok, breaks this journey down into 9 distinct stages and explains the playbook at each stage. Warning: trying to force growth by skipping a step is the number one mistake entrepreneurs make, and it is often fatal.

Videos that go into more details

In addition, since this topic requires much more time than was made available to me at WebSummit, you might find it useful to look at videos from the Matrix Growth Academy – Zero to 100 event, where this topic is explored in depth:

Videos from Matrix Growth Academy – Zero to 100

The SaaS business Model & Metrics: Understand the key drivers for success

SaaS businesses are extremely sensitive to a small number of important variables. If you are running a SaaS company, understanding how these variables drive your business model is crucial to long-term success. In this talk, David Skok, author of the now famous SaaS Metrics 2.0 blog post will talk through those key metrics and their impact on the overall SaaS business model.

The slides, and then the video from WebSummit are below:

Stunning Lisbon – A Photographer’s Dream City

As promised in the intro, here is the video I put together of my walk around Lisbon. (One of my hobbies outside of work is making videos.)


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